01.03.2018_Dental Practice DuoDent published in I-Hospital & Welfare

Dental Practice DuoDent is published in book I-Hospitals & Welfare from Korean publisher Archiworld. The 636 pages book contains 82 of the best Hospitals and care facilities in the world.

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02.01.2017_Dental Practice in Panningen delivered

In a small village in the South of The Netherlands a former car dealer garage in decay was stripped untill its bare column structure and roof. Then it was converted to a new Dental Practice DuoDent.
See the video for the transformation process during the demolishing and construction time

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10.04.2016_Two projects from project architect Dennis Villanueva are featured in the exhibition "Mies en de erfenis van het Modernisme" (Mies and the heritage of Modernism")

From 10.04.2016 till 07.08.2016 people can visit the exhibition "Mies en de erfenis van het Modernisme" in the Schunck building in Heerlen,
The exhibition is dedicated to the future of Modern Architecture, with focus on five masterpieces from Mies van der Rohe. From those five masterpieces, two refurbishments in Chicago (projects apartment in Lakeshore Drive Tower & IIT University building Crown Hall), done by project architect Dennis Villanueva, are exposed comprehensively and in detail

04.04.2016_Start build for church loft housing in the Majella church Deurne

During the introduction afternoon for the future residents in the Majella church, the developer Bots Bouwgroep B.V. officially announced the start of construction for the 6 houses and 1 office space. Delivery is planned beginning of 2017.

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20.03.2015_Zero energy house published in inspiration booklet by municipality Maastricht

The design for a model home for the new neighborhood Ambyerveld in Maastricht, is examinated by the municipality on the quality plan and beauty committee. Approved by the minicipality the design is published in their inspiration booklet.

This design can be the base for a zero energy house which already meets the requirements from the municipality. This would shorten the building permit application phase.

When looking for a plot in Ambyerveld, feel free to contact Villanueva Architect for a free consulting conversation.

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