Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Villanueva Architect
Project architect: Dennis Villanueva
Size: 181m2

Design for a small office situated at river ‘De Dommel’. This office gives their workers nice views to the green area with optimal daylight for the workspaces.

The main two-floor volume has a closed character to give more privacy. Two office volumes are slicing in the main volume, which are opening to different sides of the plot. One volume gives the workers visual connection to the street. The other volume cantilevers to the river with nice views over the river and the park. The cantilever also indicates the main entrance and the entry to the parking at the back.

The staircase comes out of the main volume so the workers shortly ‘step out’ of the office and working atmosphere. Passing traffic and pedestrians can see the offices activity without getting a full view.

This playful composition of openings and closed facade create different personalities of office spaces and various visual communications to the surroundings and the other way around with exciting peeks inside.