The Netherlands

Villanueva Architect
Project architect: Dennis Villanueva
Size: 390m2

What if your hobby collecting miniature car models literally grew to a 1:1 scale car collection? Why can’t your house be a showroom for your cars?

The design concept’s starting point for this Villa is to integrate the client’s car collection with their lifestyle, which again should be reflected in their house.

Approaching the villa by car, which at first glance looks like a closed monolithic volume, opens up when the garage door opens. The rear glass façade of the garage gives a direct view into the living room.

From the loft-like living room space people can see the three cars in the garage and also the old-timer car in the kitchen. The living room is raised to enable good views to the cars on the other side of the water, which separates the main volume with the garage. The old-timer car adjacent to the kitchen is showcased on a turning floor. The turning car in this two story high ‘display cabinet’ can be viewed from all angles with telescopic views from the living room, kitchen and from the master bedroom and bathroom on the second floor.

This different approach on the relationship between people and their cars, places the way of living into a whole new context.