BARN 2.0

BARN 2.0

The Netherlands

Villanueva Architect
Project architect: Dennis Villanueva
Size: 330m2

Preliminary design for a house in the Dutch farmland. The volume is based on the traditional barns. Cuts in the volume create openings for views, outside terraces and emphasizes the entrance.

The dark wooden facade is in contrast with the light interior and the light colored wooden 'cuts' in the volume. The living is positioned to the south. The south facade is totally open to the wide view over the meadows. Due to the void the living room has the total height and from the study on the first floor people can enjoy the view to the meadow as well. Long viewing lines and open spaces visually connected to each other give the house a spatial character without losing its cozy ambience. Different small spaces are created so the residents can enjoy reading a book in the recessed 'bench' next to the kitchen or on the daybed at the fireplace or having a bath in the master bedroom.

This contemporary house fits in its green surrounding and traditional neighboring buildings. With the wide views and the position at the water a serene setting is created for its residents.