Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Villanueva Architect
Project architect: Dennis Villanueva
Completion: 2009
Size: 100m2

De Lichttoren is a building (build 1909-1921) in the inner city of Eindhoven, which was one of Philips Lighting’s first factories. During the years Philips moved its production and product development to other places. But until today de Lichttoren is still an icon and landmark for Eindhoven.

In 2009 AWG architecten (Antwerp, Belgium) designed and supervised the renovation of de Lichttoren to a hybrid building for living, working and leisure. The whole building was stripped to the concrete structure and the characteristic big windows where replaced by double-glazing within a slim steel window frame specially design for this building.

All the living areas where offered as empty spaces where future residents could design their loft with their own architect. Villanueva Architect designed a loft South on the 5th floor with views to ‘de lichtplein’ (light square) and ‘de Witte Dame’ (housing the Design Academy of Eindhoven). Trying to preserve the industrial feeling with its high concrete ceiling, the design was to create an open floor plan. The bedroom, kitchen and living are all in the open space. The bedroom including the bathroom is visually separated to the living room by raising the floor.